03Feb 2015

Erin Barra »Broken Banks (Masterton Remix)«

Erin Barra\’s album "Redefinded" including "Broken Banks (Masterton Remix)"

This is my remix of Erin Barra's »Broken Banks«. I'm very excited that it's part of her new album »Redefined«.

Erin Barra is an artist and producer from Brooklyn, New York. She also runs her own Label MAMMA BARRA. Besides working on her own music Erin supports charity projects in New York City like Beats By Girls, a non-traditional, creative and educational recording-arts campaign.

Erins songs often tell a very personal story and vary from rock pieces to electronic tunes. Her new album »Redefined« features 11 great remixes which are all based on her previous EP »Undefined«.

I am happy that Robert Babicz mastered my remix. He really liked the sound and was blown away by Erins voice. He said about his work:

"What a great track. I pushed it to the edge because I enjoyed the roughness it has to it. I always follow an emotional approach, technical details lose importance when you're struck by the music."

»Redefined« is available on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport or your favorite digital store.

Thanks to Blend.io for the support.