08Sep 2014

Masterton's »Closer (Robert Babicz Remix)« is part of »Kollektiv Traumwelt 12«

Masterton - Closer (Foresight Remix) - Berliner Stadtmusikanten 10 - BUZACOMP203

Robert Babicz's remix of my track »Closer« is featured on City Lifes's latest compilation »Kollektiv Traumwelt 12« (CITYCOMP129).

The album contains 26 tracks including artists like Dirt Crew, Marvin Zeyss, Alex Niggemann and Chasing Kurt.

Release Notes:

»Kollektiv Traumwelt 12« is available from 15 September 2014 exclusively for two weeks on Beatport. Starting on 01 October 2014 it will be available on Juno Downloads, iTunes or your favorite online store as well.