31Mar 2014

Masterton - Closer - BFM019 - Feedbacks

Test pressing of Masterton's "Closer" - 12" - w/ Robert Babicz, Channel X and Foresight Remixes

I'm overhelmed by the amount of great feedbacks for the release of "Closer" on the Berlin label BlackFoxMusic. Here are some of them I'd like to share with you:

DJ T. (Get Physical Music):

Thank you for good music!

Pasch (Mixmag Germany):

Beautiful music. The funky groove of Channel X´s remix is my favorite.

Slam (Soma Records, Slam Radio):

Cool shit

Oliver Schories (Der Turnbeutel):

Very nice. Thx

Kaiserdisco (Drumcode):

Like all 3 remixes! Good job!

Simon Beeston (Highgrade Records):

Nice release. Cheers!

Patrick Selzer (Raveline):

Schönes Remixpaket.

Nori (Extra Music New):

On promo chart, best track

DJ Javimar (DJ Mag Spain):

Cool ep, all mixes 10 - Thanks

Scanmode (DJ Mag Spain):

Remixes for me!

DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna):

Huge EP!

Niklas Venn (Soundtrade, radiotp.pl):

Amazing release! Full support!


Great release! Thanks

Laurent N. (Avatisme, House Nation Radio):

Original & remixes are great for me. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Calin (Tunnel FM):

Yes, this is huge package. Thanks, will support and chart :)

Martin Böttcher (Byte.FM, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiefel):


Yasmin Gate (Killerrr):

Beautiful package!

Florinsz Van Dijk (sekoia.nl):

Perfect for SEKOIA :)

Joyb (Coum Records):

I like the original mix.

Mike Heron (BTE Records):

Cool release, original mix is my fav

David Siri (Iyezine):

Great single and remixes ! very emotional and gentle

Friends Electric Records:

Outstanding release! Top quality! Thanks

Mik Santoro (Ampispazi Recordings, Amazing Records):

Wonderful release!

Gabriele Gilleri (differentgrooves.com):

Supported by differentgrooves.com

Krede Pedersen aka Kristian Pedersen:

Original and Babicz thanks..

Alex Tolstey (Triangle Exes, Boshke Beats Records):

Original and babiczstyle to try out on some special occasion, thank you!

Gene Le Fosse:

I like the original mix best

Sammy W and Alex E (8bit, Loulou Record):

Amazing release!

Ryan Keeling (RA/ Resident Advisor):






Danny Tenaglia:


Dany Rodriguez:


Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur):


Mat (the-zone.it):

Thanks! download for The-Zone Radio show Support

Fabian Birke (WOMR College Radio, BLN.FM):

For radio play, thanks.

Horatio (Natural Rhythm):

Nice one

Piotr Nowicki (Creamfields Poland, clubber.pl):


The Clubber (clubber.rs):

Great sound!

Deas (Secret Room Records, Deeperfect, Barroque):


Robby Waldeck (The EDM Network):

Thanks for the DL!

Nano Vergel (Ibiza Global Radio):

Nice thanks!!

David Moreno:

Will play @ Ibiza Global Radio. Thanks

Advanced Human (DJ Hi-Shock) (Elektrax, Gynoid Audio, Synewave):

Some cool warm-up/early set material, will try, thx

Reydan (Moritzbastei Leipzig, Barfusz Bar Leipzig):

Etwas zu schwermütig aber wegen des Pianos logischerweise full support.

Jamie Stevens (Bedrock, Chameleon Recordings):

Lovely remix from Babicz. Big on atmosphere there. That and Foresight for me, I think

Sasha (Renaissance):

Mr Babicz for me

Jo Psarados (1605, Basement Lab, New Republik):

Excellent pack! Foresight & Robert Babicz remixes for me!! Thanks so much!

Satoshi Fumi (Moodmusic, Plastic City):

Channel X and Robert Remix for my set. Thanks!

Benoît Carretier (Tsugi):

Babicz remix for me

Florian Breidenbach (Techno.WS, Dies Und Das):

♥ Robert ♥

Sasha Le Monnier (Stripped Digital, Proton Radio):

Both Babicz & Channel X deliver lovely work, thanks

Andrew Till (Machine):

Robert Babicz & foresight remixes for me

Living Techno:

Considering for review! Great remixes by Robert Babicz and Foresight.

Graeme Nisbet (Fnoob Techno Radio):

Babicz mix is really nice

Ergin Karabulut (Faze Magazin):

Robert Babicz rmx

DJ Gaogao (Radio Campus Besancon, The Vinyl Guerilla):

Robert Babicz for me …

Jack Fell Down (Southern Fried Music, Exploited Germany, Moda Black, DFA):

Excellent Ep, Channel X just pips it.

Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice):

Channel X remix is sick!

Chris Stanford (EarToGround Records):

Channel X mix for me

Outstrip (Outstrip Music Studio):

Amazing release! Will support Channel X Remix!

Angel Costa (CLR, Electric Deluxe, Brood Audion):

Channel X remix is my pick! Thanks!

Alan Bergmann (See One, Brazil):

Nice remixes!! Channel X for me!!! Thanks

Robert Grand (Additan Radio):

Channel X for me! Thank you.

D-Nox (Plastik Park):

Channel x and babicz for me, amazing remixes

Lars Wickinger (So What Music, Eclaire The Heart):

Three points for the Channel X Remix! The other tracks are too melancholy!

Ondrej (Kumquat):

Channel X remix for me!

DJ Lore (De Club):

Channel X rmx 4 me Thanks!

Where Is The Club? (witclub.net):

The Channel X remix is great!

Anton Banks (88.1FM Wesu The Vault Radio Show):

I like the Channel X remix.

Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave):

I'm digging the melancholy feel of the Foresight remix.

Zigmund Slezak (Funk & Grid Recs):

Foresight remix is cool.

Riyaz Khan (Diversions on CHRY105.5FM):

Diggin' the melodically immersive Foresight remix!


Kinda Cosmic Epic! I like it.. looking forward to try it out! THANKS. Foresight takes the the gold

Thank you for your support.